Saturday, February 22, 2014

Gary Crook’s ALS Fund: Gary wanted me to share this post from his Facebook update page with you…

Gary wanted me to share this post from his Facebook update page with you...

OK, it is due time to post an ALS Fund update for Gary Crook, but I have been dragging my feet for TWO WEEKS now because I didn't want to have to post this. I/We are still trying to accept that this ALS condition is happening so fast. Well..... Gary was accepted into Hospice two weeks ago. They came and did an evaluation and introduction for when the time comes but after the eval it was recommended to be accepted and he was by doctor's orders. Now, by definition, that means: looking at his symptoms and progression he has up to 6 months to live BUT they have had patients on Hospice for years (in the State of Kentucky once accepted there is no time limit).

This news is hard to accept since we just found out he had ALS in December, but everyone that has been involved has agreed to the fact Gary has an aggressive form, so time is not on his side...

As for Gary: he is having more and more troubles walking-to the point he is half wheelchair and partial walker. His left left is not working very well and he looses his balance easily so you always have to keep your hand on his gait belt. He speech has gotten to the point he is hard to understand at times and you have to ask him to repeat things or sometimes you can figure it out by looking at what he is looking at. Also, the biggest issue has been breathing-it has already been affected (for awhile now). At times he says it fells like he is at high altitude trying to breath, it is like a labored breathing with thin air. ......but good news, even though he isn't sleeping great, he is sleeping a little bit better with the bed Hospice brought over. It has a gel mattress (so no pressure points) and the head and feet raise and lower (like a hospital bed). It lets him get more comfortable and it makes it MUCH easier for getting in out of bed in the morning.

Oh--we started bathroom remodel today. Getting a TALL toilet, a wider door (for wheelchair), smaller vanity, and a duel head shower head so you can be sitting on a shower bench and the water sprays on you. Exciting--and I am glad to see the 1970's floor tile go :0)

Finally, I want to leave you with a thought when you are looking at life:
" You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try."

For the record......we have failed many times but with each one we have walked away with a lesson learned. You just have to find the good in it :0)

If you'd like to donate directly to Gary Crook's ALS Fund, please go to:
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