A Brief History of Lexies Trading Post

Original location on Bardstown Road, Grand Opening October 1, 2008
We are the same Lexie's Trading Post from The Highlands (1745 Bardstown Rd) but we have focus on what we love to do....Whimsical & Unique Gifts. 

Our first location closed in 2009 but we have re-opened with our new location and focus in April 2011.  Stop by and check out our digs and say "Hi".

Lexie’s Trading Post is Back and Better than Ever!

In case the name sounds familiar, the original Lexie’s Trading Post at the intersection of Bardstown Road and Speed Avenue in The Highlands’ opened in September 2008….  That’s right Karen and Gary Crook managed to open their first large-scale retail establishment right at the very beginning of the 2008-09 Credit Meltdown.  Talk about bad timing!

June of 2009, their local bank would NOT be accepting government money (from the TARP program) and was also not renewing their line of credit portfolio forcing the couple to liquidate the old store and close their doors at the end of September 2009, exactly ONE year to the day!

The following year-and-a-half, Karen and Gary focused on Lexie's Of Louisville family skin care line, manufactured right here in Kentucky, and sold on line and in store.

 Location on Frankfort Avenue, Grand Opening, May 1, 2011

Now they’ve opened Lexie’s again!  This time in the Crescent Hill/Clifton neighborhood on 2224 Frankfort Avenue.  We are now a Family Skin Care with Whimsical and Unique gift store. 

Karen Crook had this to say about their new location: “We thought initially about going back to Bardstown road, but decided that if we were going to start over again – we were going to start over again! – and that included our location and Business Plan as well.  Besides, Frankfort Avenue is and always has been where a large part of our family skin care buying demographic has resided because of all the Crescent Hill 4th of July events we’ve exhibited in over the years.  It just seemed like a natural fit!...”