Thursday, June 6, 2013

Beauty Skin Care SALE: Lexie’s Of Louisville’s Aloe Vera Bug Off! – All Natural Insect Repellent

Beauty Skin Care SALE: Lexie’s Of Louisville’s Aloe Vera Bug Off! – All Natural Insect Repellent

Beauty Skin Care Sale:  Keep those bugs off all summer! Enjoy the all-natural effect(s) of citronella and peppermint oil. In addition to the cooling sensation of peppermint oil, the all natural citronella oil will keep you and your kids safe from irritating bugs. As an added bonus, our Aloe Vera water based conditions skin while protecting against pesky bugs.
* Non Greasy and safe for babies and pets!
Another Best Seller!
… If you live in Louisville, Kentucky, Lexie’s of Louisville Superior Quality Family Skin Care Products are exclusively sold at Lexie’s Trading Post in Clifton on Frankfort Ave.  Click HERE for a Google Map and Directions to Find our retail location.
Take Note: In our Lexie’s Trading Post retail location we have a Refill Program.  What’s a Retail Program you ask?  Well this is how it works:
  1. You buy your Superior Quality Beauty Skin Care products from Lexie’s of Louisville.
  2. You ABSOLUTELY Love It!, you use it all up, you want MORE!
  3. Keep your container and bring it back into the store.  We refill your old container with your favorite Beauty Skin Care product.
Why would you do this?  Well… First and foremost, you save the environment by using the same container over again and again not throwing it into bursting landfills.  Second – and this is a BIGGIE…  When you refill your old container you Get a Discount Per Ounce!
That’s right, you save money by refilling your existing containers, usually the saving rack up to anywhere from 8-12% per ounce off retail – depending on the product to be refilled.  It’s a Heck’va Deal and definitely a popular one at our Louisville, Kentucky location.

Check Out Lexie’s Of Louisville’s Bug Off! – All Natural Insect Repellent

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