Saturday, October 13, 2012

Best Halloween Costume Contest! You could win a $25 gift Certificate to Lexie's Trading Post.

This month, of course, is Halloween and we're hosting a Best Halloween Costume Contest! 

Submissions can be a human and/or a family critter.  Submissions can be scary or funny and/or just plain cool.  All submissions will be voted on by Halloween Hop Trolley Participants who stop by Lexie's Trading Post on Trolley Hop Evening.  You can EMAIL your entry and/or Post your pictures on our Facebook Fan Page: Lexie's Trading Post.  ALL Submissions will be eventually posted on our web site and Facebook Fan Page

1st Place Winner Wins a $25 Gift Certificate to Lexie's Trading Post.

* You have until Friday evening (10/26/2012 1:00pm EST) to post your Best Halloween Costume Photo.  *

"Knock us Dead" with your submission!  Thanks for participating guys!  =0)

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