Friday, June 8, 2012

What’s going on at Lexie’s Trading Post and Clifton for the Month of June?

What’s going on at Lexie’s Trading Post and Clifton for the Month of June?

*** DON’T forget its Father’s Day this Month!  ***
** this Sunday, June 17th! **

… and, of course, Lexie’s Trading Post has got your Back!

Father’s Day is coming up and here at Lexie’s Trading Post, we’re ready!  And LEXIE’s of LOUISVILLE has a Brand New Product Debut for you guys this month – just for Dad!

Our “Brand-Spanking NEW!” All-Natural Men’s Italian Shaving Cream is being released this month!
We have been working on this blend for quite a while and now we’re ready to release it just in time for Father’s Day (surprise, surprise… =0)! 

Also, since it’s Father’s Day next Saturday, June 17th, we’ve decided to go one further and bundle this new creation with LEXIE’s of LOUISVLLE’s very own Aloe Vera Gel based, all-natural Men’s Aftershave and a premium men’s shaving brush to get dad re-acquainted with this style of shaving.

Our NEW! Men’s Italian Shave soap is LOADED with all natural oils such as Shea Butter, Grapeseed and olive oils.  Give it a shot this Father’s Day, he’ll love the product!  This shaving bundle is purchased ONLY at Lexie’s Trading Post and only for $24.00!

Lexie’s Trading Post is Hosting Animal House This Month’s F.A.T. Trolley Weekend!!! 

We are THRILLED to be again hosting a Pet Adoption this month’s Trolley Weekend, now with the City of Louisville’s Animal House Adoption Center!  Come by and Adopt a Family Pet in need of a Good Home!

Lexie’s Trading Post has ALWAYS been committed to helping our furry, four-legged friends find a GREAT and loving home!  In these tuff economic times, Lexie’s Trading Post is even MORE committed in helping these animals, the shelters and their staff with much needed items, gifts and adoption assistance.  These people do AWESOME work and Lexie’s Trading Post is more than happy to help in any way we can.

Pets will be available for adoption for June’s Frankfort Avenue Trolley Night (F.A.T. Trolley Hop), Friday, June 29th from 5-8:30pm AND Saturday, June 30th from 11:00am – 1:00pm. The Animal House Adoption Center will have staff on hand to answer any and ALL questions about adoption, the shelter, as well as, setting up onsite adoptions for interested families.

Bug Off! Spray Aloe Bug Repellent on Sale for the Month of June!

Due to the extremely mild winter, summer is due to be FULL of biting bugs – namely mosquitos!  WONDERFUL!  So keep those bugs off all summer with LEXIE’s of LOUISVILLE’s All-Natural Bug Off! The all natural effect of citronella and peppermint oil will keep you and your kids safe. Its all-natural and non-greasy. Works great and is safe on babies and pets too!

This has ASLWAYS been one of our BEST SELLERS!  and for the month of June it’s 20% OFF all month.  That includes bottles AND refills.

Have a TERRIFIC week!
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