Wednesday, July 20, 2011

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Lexie’s Trading Post is Back and Better than Ever!

ATTENTION! All Lexie’s Trading Post Fans!
Lexie’s Trading Post is Back and Better than Ever!

The NEW! Lexie's Trading Post located at 2224 Frankfort Ave.
Louisville, KY 40205
In case the name sounds familiar, the original Lexie’s Trading Post at the intersection of Bardstown Road and Speed Avenue in The Highlands’ opened in September 2008….  

That’s right Karen and Gary Crook managed to open their first large-scale retail establishment right at the very beginning of the 2008-09 Credit Meltdown.  Talk about bad timing!

In June of 2009, their local bank stated that they would NOT be accepting government money (from the TARP program) and was also not renewing their line of credit portfolio forcing the couple to liquidate the old store and close their doors at the end of September 2009, exactly ONE year to the day!

The following year-and-a-half,  Karen and Gary focused on  The Giggles Program Family Skin Care line, manufactured right here in Kentucky, by expanding their family skin care line that is sold online and at arts and crafts fairs.

Now they’ve opened Lexie’s again!  This time in the Crescent Hill/Clifton neighborhood on 2224 Frankfort Avenue.  We are now a Family Skin Care with Whimsical and Unique gift store.
Karen Crook had this to say about their new location: “We thought initially about going back to Bardstown road, but decided that if we were going to start over again – we were going to start over again! – and that included our location and Business Plan as well.  Besides, Frankfort Avenue is and always has been where a large part of our family skin care buying demographic has resided because of all the Crescent Hill 4th of July events we’ve exhibited in over the years.  It just seemed like a natural fit!...”

So what’s new with the new Lexie’s Trading Post?:

1) First, they’ve dropped the Apparel and Footwear sections of their store offerings and are concentrating solely on their own family skin care lines and whimsical & unique gift selections.

2) Now the famous Lexie’s and The Giggles Program’s Family Skin Care line!  This is also new to the NEW! Lexie’s Trading Post.  They have split the Giggle’s Program into also a Lexie’s Skin Care line.  The new Lexie’s line will target adults with expanded product offerings and The Giggle’s Program will continue to target Tweens, kids and babies with this proven extra mild skin care products.  They will be offering in this new location a Bulk Buying Opportunity for the skin care aficionado!  Devoted purchasers and Green Movement adherents are now able to buy our quality Giggle’s Program and Lexie’s Lotion Family Skin Care line by the ounce (or pound)!  Bring in your own containers (or buy a new set from Lexie’s!) and have them filled - at a discount - by the ounce with your favorite, Shea Butter Lotions, Olive Oil based Bath Salts, Succulent Sugar Scrubs, Extra Sudsy Shower Gels and Body Creams and our new Pet Shampoo!   All will be available July 2011 for Bulk Purchase and, of course, our bottled offerings are still available as well.  

Karen said this about this new bulk buying concept: “We’re really jazzed about splitting The Giggle’s Program’s Family Skin Care line into also a Lexie’s Skin Care line for adults.  It’s really opened up A LOT of awesome product possibilities.  Plus, both products will still contribute to our Bear’s to ER’s Program.  As for the bulk sales idea, Louisville is very environmentally conscious – especially the Crescent Hill/Clifton areas where we are now located.  We have so many regulars that don’t want to simply throw away yet another container, and of course, we cannot reuse the containers – but they can have them refilled!  So we now offer that service and are very happy to do so.”

3) Also, they’re concentrating approximately half of their retail gift floor space for the local Kentucky crafter.  Karen and Gary have developed some wonderful friendships with crafters in all their years of selling their skin care line at Arts and Craft Fairs throughout the commonwealth – Louisville, in particular.  So local craftsperson’s please feel free to call Lexie’s Trading Post to schedule an appointment for a showing and possible consideration in the new store.  They are currently especially looking for jewelry, woodworking, greeting cards, pottery and pet accessories crafters.

4) In the spirit of the “Green Movement” and their commitment to the Whimsical & Unique gift ideas that is the theme of their store, they are also offering recycled (as they like to call them – “Previously Loved!”) gifts in immaculate condition to their patrons.  This has actually been a HUGE hit!  People seem to really enjoy the unique offerings of Lexie’s “Previously Loved” gift selections and appreciate the reduced price they carry.  It’s truly become a “win-win!”  

Gary said it best on this subject: “At first we were a little skeptical on the idea of mixing brand new with ‘Previously Loved’ gift selections.  These previously loved items are – because of the age in some case – truly one-of-a-kind!  Also they make awesome conversation starters because, in some cases, people really identify with some of these objects from their earlier days.   We keep our quality standards VERY high and are VERY PICKY on what we choose to carry.  We have something  for everyone! 

All major credit cards and cash are accepted.  For more information, reference the web page at:, or the Facebook Fan Page at:  And, of course, you can always call for more information at 502-365-GIFT (4438), Wednesday - Saturday 11:00am - 6:00pm.

Very Best,
- Karen & Gary Crook, Owner(s),
The Giggles Program
P.O. Box 91381
Louisville, Kentucky 40291
tel: 502-231-1079
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